The Fashion Praxis Lab at The New School is a platform where reflective fashion practice meets public action. It is from this point, from which we may begin to imagine radically different modes and narratives for the practice of fashion, from its perception and its integration into our everyday lives. The aim of the Fashion Praxis Lab is to bring together scholars and practitioners who seek to examine and expand current notions of fashion, including its practices and modes of production, by affirming and prototyping more inclusive and cooperative ways of being in the world.

The Lab hosts a series of workshops and seminars each term and ideas from these events feed into developing the curriculum of the Alternative Fashion Strategies minor at Parsons.

Formally, the Fashion Praxis Lab is a research lab across The New School, bridging across  three Parsons schools; School of Design Strategies, School of Fashion, and School of Art and Design History and Theory. The steering council of the Lab is represented with one delegate from each school: Otto von Busch (SDS), Timo Rissanen (SoF), and Christina Moon (ADHT).


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