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Praxis and Strategic Craftivism

Sarah Corbett of Craftiest Collective visited Parsons to present her ideas on craft and gentle protest, and how activists need to get past the “tantrum” of reaction to become more strategic (and “slow” as in thoughtful) in the way they … Continue reading

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Critical Praxis: Commemorating Lost Selves

There are all these unfulfilled selves out there – dressed selves who were just awaiting to emerge – selves who already had their garments ready for the occasion; the occasion that never came. What happened to that self? Why did … Continue reading

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Oct 23: Monuments to Smothered Selves

What is a way to commemorate the interrupted lives of all the dressed selves we could have been? What garments/accessories do we have in our wardrobes which we don’t feel comfortable wearing, but which we once perfectly thought we could … Continue reading

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Critical Praxis: Mutant Fears

Fashion fears for Halloween became the theme of our workshop – staring from an introductory exquisite corpse test which led us to discuss our everyday fears of wardrobe malfunctions and judgments. What fears and anxieties are hidden under that style … Continue reading

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Oct 9: Souling and Sewing – Making Halloween

What about reclaiming Halloween as a DIY practice and not a fast-fashion generic theatrical celebration of waste-making? Following the lead of Frau Fiber’s Halloween Costume Manifesto, the makers in the FashionPraxis group will lead a DIY halloween costume workshop where … Continue reading

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Animal Laborans – Fashion and Labor

Our book Animal Laborans is finished! The result from our book sprint in May 2016 is now ready-to-read. As usual, it is a mongrel assembly of thoughts and ideas, mixed and matched by all of our contributors, and with – … Continue reading

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Fashion Praxis flag for lost workers

Sourcing Journal Online reports today on two fires, a garment factory in China and a textile factory in Bangladesh, that claimed the lives of six and three workers respectively. (The headline reports 11 deaths, however the source articles report six … Continue reading

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